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ITASTE is a young, professional and motivated team with great experience in the field of farmaceutical and medical distribution. Thanks to the participation in the most important trade fairs, over the years, we have created the perfect synergy with the main multinationals in the medical sector, with the objective of expand our portfolio of items in order to be as competitive and reliable as ever.

The great passion and dedication to our work has given us the status of certified supplier with the best experience in the field.

Medical devices

We supply medical devices for all clinic and hospital therapeutic area, offering effective and innovative solutions for patients and workers in the healthcare industry.

Parapharmaceutical products

We operate in the parapharmaceutical distribution and trading providing the main brands on the market for woundcare, diagnostics, food supplements, cosmetics and homeopathic products.

Disposable Products

As a certified supplier, we sell a wide range of disposable products to hospitals, private clinics and to the large scale distribution; furtheremore, we operate as a support to authorized sellers.

Clinics and Health Facilities

Among our customers you can see the major private clinics and nursing homes. We can provide them with a full range service, from the sale of products to management services.


The company is constantly concerned with offering innovative solutions that lead to costumers’ satisfaction and to a long-term and reliable partnership. We guarantee supply’s continuity, traceability and competitiveness.

Logistics and Transport

The management policies used for the handling, storage, delivery and above all the traceability of the items are implemented with the utmost seriousness and carried out with all the necessary attention, in full compliance with the regulations in force.


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